Refill Service Featherbed

165,00 €

The refill service will have your Featherbed looking and feeling as good as new. After heavy use your Featherbed may loose it's fluffy and full exterior and support. The key is to fluff your featherbed on a regular basis, making sure the feathers and down are pushed back into the compartments for an even distribution. Also turning and airing the Featherbed will increase it's durability tremendously. Do you still feel it needs more volume and would like it to feel as good as new, budget friendly? Opt for the refill service of your Featherbed.

We will send your Featherbed to our factory in Austria where it will skillfully be refilled with new first class feathers and down.
Transportation and handling from our warehouse to Austria is included in the price.
It will take up to 4 weeks to have your Featherbed returned.
Maggiori Informazioni
Prodotto in Austria
Collezione DOUXE

Voorwaarden Refill Service:

- Het Featherbed moet vlekvrij zijn
- Het Featherbed moet verpakt worden in een tas en in een kartonnen doos worden verstuurd
- Zorg dat er duidelijk wordt aangegeven van wie het pakket afkomstig is

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