Pulitzer Hotel Towel - 50x100 cm - Low Twist (2 pcs.)

24,00 €

Bring the Pulitzer Bath & Spa experience home with these thick, fluffy and smooth Pulitzer hotel towels. The low-twist 100% combed cotton towels are skillfully produced in Portugal of the best quality yarn. 

These super soft, plush, and highly absorbent cotton terry hotel towels feel extra luxurious and exclusive thanks to the 680 grams weight. Simple and timeless design, the Pulitzer hotel towels bring the cozy indulgence of a luxury hotel stay into your home.

Price per set of 2 pcs.

Maggiori Informazioni
Collezione Pulitzer Amsterdam
Delivery information Most dimensions are in stock and will be shipped within 2 working days.
Materiale 100% cotton
Peso di riempimento 680 GSM
Istruzioni di lavaggio Washing


Before first use we advise you to wash the towels on temperature. Afterwards the towels can be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees celcius, however at 40 degrees the towels will be washed perfectly clean. We do not promote the use of fabric-softener as this will not induce the absorbent quality of the towels.


If you prefer a more rough to the touch towel, then we advice you to air-dry the towels the old-fashioned way. I you love your towels plush and fluffy, then the dryer is your best friend. 

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