Pocketed Spring Mattress - Simmons Suite Serenity, H.30cm

1.785,00 €

Many luxury international hotels offer their guests heavenly sleep with the Simmons Suite Serenity Pocketed Spring mattress. The Simmons Suite Serenity Mattress is extra thick and has a Sensoft® pocket spring interior in combination with the Soft Elivea® comfort padding. The soft zipped pillow topper is removable. This mattress offers highly refined and exclusive sleeping comfort.


- Sensoft® pocket spring interior: 690 pocketed springs per m2
- Soft Elivea® comfort padding
- Medium-Firm support in combination with a soft pillow top layer of HR comfortfoam.
- NO FLIP® version
- Refined support for sensitive pressure points of the body
- Luxury padded ticking
- Sustainable hotel quality, exclusive appearance.

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Prodotto in Francia
Qualità Le più belle giù anatra europea e piume
Altezza 30 cm
Delivery information Our delivery team delivers your order within 8-10 weeks by appointment.
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