Pocketed Spring Mattress - Classic Pocket 19 - Hilding Anders

275,00 €

The Hilding Anders double-sided pocketed spring mattress is 19cm high. The combination of the spring coil with the comfort foam layer offers perfect support. The woven jacquard ticking is flame retardant and stitched on polyether foam layer. This pocketed spring mattrass has 240 springs p/m2. To be used on a box spring bed or any other type of bed base.

Maggiori Informazioni
Prodotto in Belgio
Collezione Hilding
Interni 260 pocketed springs per m2
Qualità Barrel shaped and individually housed in pockets
Altezza 20 cm
Regolazione temperatura Eccellente
Delivery information Our delivery team delivers your order within 6-8 weeks by appointment.
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