Pocket Spring Mattress Prestige (27cm) multipocket, quilted

1.351,00 €

The DOUXE Prestige Mattress is in a league of its own. The core of this mattress is a High-Low multipocket spring. The structure of these springs consists of the alternate placement of high and low springs that provide extra comfort and stability in the spring core. Several layers of high-quality cold foam were used to ensure excellent ventilation and sublime comfort. Available in various firmnesses to fit your sleeping posture and personal preference.

The cover is made from organic cotton and quilted with a composition of Alpaca wool and silk. The Prestige mattress is traditionally handmade in such a way that the comfort layers remain nicely divided.

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Prodotto in Belgio
Collezione DOUXE
Interni High-Low multipocket Springs
Qualità Hotel Quality
Altezza 27 cm
Regolazione temperatura Eccellente
Delivery information Our delivery team delivers your order within 4-6 weeks by appointment.
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