Okura Signature Bed

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The Okura Signature Bed was designed for Hotel Okura to provide exceptional nights for their hotel guests. Exceptional is the standard for Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Everything is equipped and designed to make the overnight stay in Amsterdam as pleasant as possible. The accommodation has a modern and luxurious charisma. They will provide none other than excellent facilities. A special addition to the hotel is the fact that you will sleep on the exclusive Okura Signature Bed, made exclusively for the hotel. And if you wish to bring the Okura sleeping experience home you can.

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Collezione Hotel Okura
Bedbase Hotel boxspring | H.20cm | upholstered | Bonnell superspring interior
Materasso Hotel pocketed spring mattress (21cm) | Luxury Pocket 21 | 260 pocketed springs per m2 | HR Comfortfoam
Altezza 55 cm
Delivery information Our delivery team delivers your order within 6-8 weeks by appointment.
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