Duvet - Pulitzer Amsterdam - Microdown

192,00 €

DOUXE developed this luxury duvet exclusively for Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam. The microdown filling comprises of synthetic fibres that are extremely soft to the touch. The luscious Pulitzer duvet is the original hotel duvet that you will experience in the luxury hotel rooms of Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam. The Pulitzer Duvet is perfect for all seasons, especially spring, fall and winter. For summer we recommend a separate summer duvet as the Pulitzer Duvet offers good isolation and might be too warm for the warmer summer nights. If you like the Pulitzer duvet, you will love the matching king-size Pulitzer pillows.

Maggiori Informazioni
Collezione Pulitzer Amsterdam
Riempimento morbida imbottitura sintetica
Peso di riempimento 400 gr/m2
Qualità Synthetic Microfibres
Copertina 100% cotone
Regolazione temperatura Buona
Certificazione Oeko-Tex Standaard 100
Delivery information Most dimensions are in stock and will be shipped within 2 working days.
Prodotto in Austria


A stay at the Pulitzer is a historical discovery with a long and illustrious heritage dating back to the Golden Age. The hotel is set within twenty-five restored 17th and 18th century houses that once set the scene for prosperous business deals between trade merchants and played home to the decadent and flamboyant lives of Dutch aristocrats.

Take a piece of the Pulitzer Amsterdam home and browse through the Pulitzer bedding collection exclusively designed for this iconic hotel by DOUXE.

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