Cuscino in piuma - firm - 50x90cm

110,00 €

This beautiful DOUXE down pillow is filled with 30% down and 70% feathers and encased in a soft 100% cotton fabric. This luxury pillow has typical hotel measurements. With a width of 90cm, these comfy pillows look better and more luxurious as they cover the entire width of the bed. They are also much more comfortable, offering support where it is actually needed with a lower height of 50cm. 

Choose an Firm pillow if you prefer sleeping on your side and need some extra support.

Maggiori Informazioni
Collection DOUXE
Support Firm
Type Side Sleeper, Side-Back Sleeper
Riempimento piuma al 70% e piumino al 30%
Copertina 100% cotone fine
Quality Le più belle giù anatra europea e piume
Certification European Standard EN 12934 , NOMITE, Oeko-Tex Standaard 100
Delivery information Most dimensions are in stock and will be shipped within 2 working days.
Prodotto in Austria
Direttamente dalle Alpi I DOUXE Featherbeds sono prodotti in Austria, in una delle fabbriche più moderne d’ Europa. Per saperne di più

Create your five-star bed at home

Upgrade your pillow & treat yourself to a king size hotel pillow.

This is why Hotel Pillows are special:

- These King size pillows are extra wide for superior comfort

- The pillows cover the width of the entire bed

- Less high for better support

- Extra plush and fluffy for added luxury

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